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Conscious Wholesale is based in Amsterdam. We started in the 1990s as Europe's first smartshop and grew into the leading supplier of smart products. Our small and dedicated team offers smartshops and webshops the best in smart products and cannabis seeds next to the latest models from premium vaporizer brands.


As a wholesale supplier of smartshop products we provide Kratom, Kanna, Baby woodrose seeds, Salvia divinorum, mushroom growkits, peyote, natural energizers and aphrodisiaca and much more. We produce and distribute the Herbs of the Gods range. We guarantee quality, our company is HACCP certified.

Conscious Wholesale is a leading smartshop supplier from Amsterdam. We supply shops and webshops across Europe with herbs, energizers and supplements.


In our headshop section you will find a classic smokers selection of bongs, pipes, grinders, scales, smoking papers and other types of paraphernalia. In addition to these high quality products by brands like EHLE and Cheech & Chong we are always on the lookout for innovations in headshop gear like the newest extraction systems.


A partir del 1 de diciembre, el IVA sobre las semillas de cannabis se ha cambiado del 6% al 21%.

Conscious is specialized in the distribution of wholesale cannabis seeds, offering resellers trusted brands such as Greenhouse, Dutch Passion, Barney's Farm and many more in every price range. We supply smart- & growshops in Amsterdam as well as many other online and offline stores throughout Europe.