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In our headshop section you will find a classic smokers selection of bongs, pipes, grinders, scales, smoking papers and other types of paraphernalia. In addition to these high quality products by brands like EHLE and Cheech & Chong we are always on the lookout for innovations in headshop gear like the newest extraction systems.

Arizer glass jar

Nice thick glass jar by Arizer.

Available in: small large

Balanza On Balance CL-300 (300 x 0.01 g)

La CL-300 es una fusión entre una balanza digital de bolsillo y una calculadora en una chaqueta elegante cromada. Con una precisión de 0,01 g, es ideal para todas sus necesidades de pesaje general y...


Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder

The OTTO by banana bros. is the world's first automatic smart rolling machine.

Capsule Machine ("0")

With this small but very effective machine you can fill capsules (size "0") with your own blend of herbs and seeds.

Capsule machine ("00")

With this small but very effective machine you can fill capsules (size "00") with your own blend of herbs and seeds.

Capsule Machine ("1")

Finally it is possible to make your own capsules with this small, but very effective capsule machine. Simply make your own blend of herbs and seeds, fill the machine with it, push and 24 professional...

Corleone Pipe Filters

Corleone pipes filters for a Goodfellas wooden smoking pipe, or any other. It's important to replace the filter in every now and then to keep it fresh and tasty.

Divider for Minivac (0.12 L)

This handy tool allows you to separate, stash and carry multiple goods on the go.

Divider for Tightvac (0.29 L)

This handy tool allows you to separate, stash and carry multiple goods on the go.

Divider for TightVac (0.57 L)

This handy tool allows you to separate, stash and carry multiple goods on the go.

Electric grinder metal

The electric grinder grinds with one simple push of a button.

Available in: Blue Negro

Empty capsules

One hundred empty capsules. These capsules can be filled with your herb of choice, either by hand or by using the Capsule Machine.

Available in: size 1, gelatin, 100 caps size 1, vegetarian, 100 caps size 0, gelatin,100 caps size 0, vegetarian, 100 caps size 00, vegetarian, 100 caps size 00, gelatin, 100 caps

Filter book

Filter book with 50 tips

Filter tips Greengo

100% unbleached Greengo filter tips. Size: 60 x 20 mm.

Fum Box desktop humidor

The Fum Box is a solid desktop humidor made of fine wood. The material, magnetic sealing system and humidity control will keep buds in optimal condition.

Available in: negro (small) okume (small) verde (small)

Greengo tobacco substitute (pouch)

The Greengo pouch contains a natural herbal blend that's just like tobacco, but actually 100% tobacco & nicotine free. Enjoy a smoke without addiction with this all natural tobacco substitute.

Grinder acryl Greengo

This acrylic Greengo grinder consist of 2 parts and has a diameter of 50mm. The grinder also has a small storage space in the bottom half

Available in: brown, display, 16 pieces eco, display, 16 pieces


Grinder Aerospaced (4 part) 40 mm

Small size 4-part grinder by Aerospaced.

Available in: Azul claro Gun metal black oro plata rojo Rasta negro verde naranja lila


Grinder Aerospaced (4 part) 50 mm

Medium size 4-part grinder by Aerospaced.

Available in: oro Azul claro

Grinder Dutch Passion

This beautiful designed metal pollinator grinder features three compartments and a magnetic lid. With a two stage filtering system this grinder separates the pollen crystals by allowing them to fall t...

Grinder funnel (Delta 3D Studios)

Delta 3D Studios produce thin, flexible funnels that fit any grinder with a diameter between 2.5 cm / 1" and 6.5 cm / 2.5".

Grinder metal mill (4 parts)

A sling grinder that does the work for you.

Available in: Blue Negro

Grinder metal The Rocket

All purpose metal grinder hides some interesting features.

Grinder Pokemon (3 parts)

Pokémon, gotta catch 'em all! And perhaps keep them in one of these colourful Poké Ball grinders made of metal.

Available in: Negro & Rojo Azul & Rojo Púrpura & Marrón Negro & Amarillo Verde oscuro & claro Mostaza & Amarillo

Grinder Star Wars (3 parts)

A three-part metal Star Wars grinder to satisfy any fan whilst grinding.

Grinder the Bulldog Engraved

The original engraved grinder from The Bulldog. Metal 4 part Grinder with shark teeth.

Grinder Thorinder

Durable and efficient metal grinder with a very special look.

Available in: plata azul naranja

Grinder Thorinder Mini

The Thorinder Mini is a smaller but very efficient version of the Thorinder grinder.

Available in: naranja Blue plata


Grinder Vibes x Aerospaced (4 part)

Premium rolling paper brand Vibes teams up with Aerospaced for an outstanding grinder.

Available in: negro oro

GrinderVac Solid

Airtight grinder and pocket-sized storage, made of military grade plastic.

Available in: amarillo rojo negro azul verde

GrinderVac Tint

A see-through grinder and airtight storage in one.

Available in: verde azul rojo Black with Clear Cap


Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot torch

Higher Standards teams up with Blazer for an amazingly powerful torch lighter.

Available in: negro blanco


Higher Standards glass ashtray

Heavy-duty glass ashtray by Higher Standards.


Higher Standards glass taster

Small and simple, the Higher Standards glass taster is a great solution for a discreet hit.

Available in: Clear Frosted


Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz (60 pieces)

A box with 60 Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz, the ideal cleaning tool for pipes and glassware.


Higher Standards pipe stix (60 pieces)

These pipe stix are ideal for cleaning smoking and vaping devices.


Higher Standards salt rox

Scrub away the toughest buildup in accessories and glass parts with salt rox.


Higher Standards Tube Tops

Set of 6 silicone tube tops for efficient cleaning of bongs and water pipes.

Honey Bee Extractor

With the Honey Bee Extractor you get your own oil from your buds or left over dry bits, within one hour! No foul odours, no need to do a big clean up. Works without heater.

Honey Bee Extractor Replacement Filter

Replacement filter for the Honey Bee Extractor.

Humidifying stone Greengo

Greengo humidifying stone to keep your tobacco moist. Allow the tobacco stone to absorb a few drops of water and place it in your tobacco (or smoking mix) pouch, to ensure it stays fresh.

Incense Palo Santo

Palo santo is used by medicine-men and shamans at ayahuasca ceremonies, rituals, healing and cleansing sessions. It has a surprisingly strong and sweet smell when burned, which is why palo santo is us...


Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards hash c...

Set of 4 handmade porcelain hash coasters designed by Jonathan Adler.


Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards hash t...

A luxurious box designed by Jonathan Adler to keep your stash in style.


Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards smolde...

Stylish smolder coaster by Jonathan Adler for Higher Standards protects all surfaces.


Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards smolde...

Seductive triangle box designed by Jonathan Adler to keep your stash in style.

Kingsize roller

A new creation from Futurola. For making kingsize joints.

Lighter 4 flame torch (Cohiba)

How to ensure a flame under all circumstances? With four flames of course. This Cohiba torch lighter lights everything with a strong and even flame.

Lighter Greengo

A disposable lighter in Greengo style.

Lighter hyper torch

Compact torch lighter with a powerful jet flame. Torch lighters have a hotter flame than normal lighters, making them more suitable for heating herbs which require a higher temperature to give off the...

Lighter micro torch (Honest)

Micro torch lighter with a powerful flame for every circumstance.

Available in: plata negro azul anthracite

Lighter torch (Honest)

A simple but reliable torch lighter by Honest.

Lighter Torjet WindProof Jet-Flame Assor...

The refillable Torjet lighter may look like any other lighter, but produces an epic adjustable jet-flame that's also windproof. 


Marley Natural smoked glass spoon pipe

Smoked glass spoon pipe with a wide bowl by Marley Natural.


Marley Natural taster v2

This premium glass taster is the perfect solution for a quick hit.

Minivac clear

These modern mini containers are perfect for your stash, herbs and smokeables. Airtight, water-resistant and smell-proof.

Available in: blue green black

Minivac solid

These modern mini containers are perfect for your stash, herbs and smokeables. Airtight, water-resistant and smell-proof.

Available in: blue green black white


MJ Arsenal Cache water pipe

The MJ Arsenal Cache water pipe is super handy and comes with an affixed storage jar.


MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig

Handy and super functional mini rig by MJ Arsenal to enjoy cooled dab everywhere.

Open Your Eyes

Red eyes from smoking too much? Or just tired from computer work? These drops based on natural ingredients revitalise tired and red eyes and have a soothing effect.

Original Quick Grinder V3 polyethylene r...

The polyethylene ring is an spare part for the Original Quick Grinder. The ring helps keep the Quick Grinder pieces together, as well as allowing its grinding motion.

Original Quick Grinder V3 replacement ki...

The Quick Grinder V3 is a tough grinder, but a thorough cleaning might make one or more components go missing. This kit contains several spare parts to make the grinder as good as new again.

Piecemaker Pollem Press

The pocket-size hash press. This press is made of heavy duty stainless steel and compresses materials into a compact mass. With the inlay stamps you can press different images.

Pipa hongo

Un llavero de hierro en forma de hongo que puedes transformar en una pipa.

Available in: púrpura negro

Pipe glass base

A versatile glass pipe. Suitable as pipe for herbs when the flame is sucked in from the top, but when heated from below it doubles as a vaporizer for oils and concentrates.

Pipe Glass Gandalf

The favourite pipe of the greatest wizard in Middle Earth. Available as 9" Silver or 12" Frosted White. A flat base on the bowl prevents the pipe from rolling away when you put it down.

Available in: silver frosted white

Pipe glass Gandalf (medium)

Medium-sized glass Gandalf pipe by Red Eye.

Pipe glass Gandalf iridescent

Glass Gandalf pipe in smokey glass by Red Eye.

Pipe glass Hardcore Spike

Exquisite, handmade glass pipe featuring spikes around the bowl. Length: 14 cm.

Pipe glass Solid Spoon

Glass spoon pipes with built-in ash catcher. Available in various colours.

Available in: blue green

Pipe glass spoon (iridescent)

Classic Red Eye glass spoon pipe made of clear iridescent glass.

Pipe Glass Stand Up Mushroom

Tiny mushroom pipe with a mushroom cap as mouth piece. The bowl is flat on top so you can put the pipe in an upright position. Colour may vary.

Pipe glass Willy B

With only 8 centimetres, it's the perfect pocket pipe. No need to leave home without it.

Available in: verde azul/verde azul/rojo azul

Pipe hardwood Al 'Scarface' Capone

Genuine hardwood Goodfellas smoking pipe for a criminally good smoke. Evokes the sensation of being a socially sophisticated crime boss.

Pipe hardwood Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel

A vintage style hardwood pipe named after hitman 'Bugsy' Siegel, with embossed pattern around the bowl.

Pipe hardwood Carlo 'Don Carlo' Gambino

This genuine hardwood pipe suits goodfellas, wise guys and godfathers of crime.

Pipe hardwood Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano

The perfect pipe to sit back, smoke tobacco and plan a smuggling operation or two.

Pipe hardwood George ‘Bugs’ Moran

A classic model pipe with a slight hexagon bended tube.

Pipe hardwood John Gotti

Retro hardwood tobacco pipe to enjoy a smoke like a sir.

Pipe hardwood Leo Moceri

Vintage-style hardwood pipe with a slight bend in the stem.

Pipe hardwood Peter Milano

Official Goodfellas tobacco pipe with retro look and feel.

Pipe hardwood Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano

Robust handmade hardwood pipe for a strong tobacco smoke. Just like gangster Sammy 'The Bull' liked it.

Pipe hardwood Vinny 'Gorgeous' Basciano

Handmade Vinny Basciano hardwood pipe by Goodfellas is certainly to kill for. A timeless and elegant classic.


Create your own waterpipe out of any plastic bottle, instantly! Just poke a hole in the bottle with the Poke-n-Smoke to create an airtight seal and enjoy your improvised waterpipe.

Pow! Pow! cleaner

Clean your bong, pipe or vaporizer accessory with Pow! Pow! cleaner. Just add the mix to warm water, let the item soak and rinse. Suitable for glass, metal, acrylic and ceramic objects.

Queen Bee Extractor

Get the most out of your buds and left overs thanks to the effective half-conical shape. Holds up to 100 gram of herbs, 3 times more than the Honey Bee Extractor.

Queen Bee Extractor Replacement Filter

Replacement filter for the Queen Bee Extractor.

Quick Grinder V3

The Quick Grinder V3 features a sophisticated emptying system, special closing joint and a smart positioning of the needles with different angles for better performance.

Available in: green champagne black red pink orange grey gold cyan blue SILVER purple

Red Eye Da Funk

The 7 mm thick glass in this bong is infused with metal ions which makes it change colour the more you use it. A thorough cleaning will reset the effect.

Red Eye One Hitter

A handmade glass one hitter pipe from Red Eye, featuring a pinched mouthpiece.

Roach Clip Glass Dice

This small glass dice isn't meant for rolling, but it does make your roach clip look extra stylish.

Roach Clip Glass Mushroom

Hold on to the last bit of joint in style. This pack of roach clips contains 4 glass mushrooms roach clips in 4 different colours.


A simple tool to help you roll the perfect joint.

Rollmate pipe

A nice two-in-one tool to roll the perfect joint or to use as a smoking pipe.

Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophyll...

The Rose of Jericho (Selaginella pilifera) is a desert fern that can do without water for up to 50 years. When the ball of curled up brown or greyish leaves is places in a bowl of water, the leaves ma...

Saverette Amsterdam

This saverette simply honours its name: a proper design for saving your joint, cigar or cigarette. It will immediately put out whichever you put in to save for later.

Available in: 110 mm 90 mm

Saverette Kingsize

Extinguish smoke immediately with the kingsize Saverette. Size: 110 mm.

Saverette Kingsize Leaf

This saverette simply honours its name: a proper design for saving your joint, cigar or cigarette. It will immediately put out whichever your weapon of choice may be.

Scale Myco - MM-600 Mini 600 x 0.1 g

The Myco 600 x 0.1 g scale is accurate, simple and very affordable, making it a great choice for the buyer on a budget.

Scale Myco MK-100 Mini 100 x 0.01 g

Simple digital miniscale (100 x 0.01 g) by Myco is portable and accurate.

Scale Myco MM-100 Pocket 100 x 0.01g

The Myco 100 x 0.01g scale is accurate, simple and very affordable, making it a great choice for the buyer on a budget.

Scale Myco MV-100 Mini 100 x 0.01 g

Cleverly designed digital scale which you carry on you anywhere. The cover doubles as a plate.

Scale OB Phantom Digital Mini (200 x 0.0...

Black pocket digital scale for on the fly weighing.

Scale OB SBS-200 collapsible silicone bo...

The OB SBS-200 is very precise (0.01 g) and holds up to 200 g. The scale can discretely be stored inside the silicone bowl.

Scale On Balance Can 100 x 0.01 g

It may look like a soda can, but in fact it houses a small precision scale (100 x 0.01g), a safe and a grinder.

Scale On Balance Can 500 x 0,1 g

This scale disguised as a can of energy drink includes the scale itself (500 x 0.1g), a storage compartment and a grinder.

Scale On Balance Carat 50 x 0,001 g

When the utmost accuracy is required, the small but versatile Carat CT-250 digital scale is the answer. Tweezers, carrying bag and two calibration weights are included in the box.

Scale On Balance Carat Jewel 20 x 0.001...

Digital scale by On Balance combines portability with extreme precision.

Scale On Balance CD Case (100 x 0.01 g)

It looks like a CD cover, but hidden inside is a scale that weighs up to 100 grams with a precision of 0.01 grams.

Scale On Balance DJ-100 Mini (100 x 0.01...

A good portable scale that is affordable and accurate with a detachable Lid/ tray.

Scale On Balance Elite DE-100 100 x 0.01...

Precision without compromise. This high end digital scale is accurate up to 0.01 g and features a protective cover.

Scale On Balance ELS e-liquids & herbs (...

Mixing your e-liquids by weight is a great alternative to measuring with syringes. This scale, that is also perfect for anything else you'd use scales for, helps with that.

Scale On Balance Kitchen Bowl 2000 x 0.1...

Versatile kitchen bowel scale by On Balance combines volume with precision.

Scale On Balance Mini Table Top 200 x 0....

The MTT-200 by On Balance is a smaller version of the table top scale; reliable, durable and now portable as well.

Scale On Balance Notebook 100 x 0.01 g

This 100 x 0.01 g scale is safely hidden inside the covers of a notebook. It features a large weighing platform.

Scale On Balance Nutrient 600 x 0.1 g

Pocket scale by On Balance combines portability with loads up to 600 grams.

Scale On Balance NV-500 (500 x 0.01 g)

With a large capacity, high precision accuracy and a large 10 x 10 cm weighing platform, this is the only digital scale you'll ever need. Includes two expansion trays, 7 mm and 20 mm deep.

Scale On Balance Professional Precision...

All-round precision scale by On Balance has many handy features.

Scale On Balance Super-100 Precision 100...

The Super-100 miniscale features a touch screen display, counting function and a detachable tray with an accuracy of 100 x 0.01 g.

Scale On Balance Table Top 3000 x 0.1 g

This digital table scale from On Balance weighs up to three kilos in increments of 0.1 gram.

Scale On Balance Tuff-Weigh 100 x 0.01 g

Tough portable precision digital scale (100 x 0.01 g) by On Balance. Available in orange, black and green.

Scale On Balance TW-100 Amsterdam (100 x...

This special version of the TW-100 scale features a case in the colours of the city of Amsterdam. With stainless steel weighing platform, 0.01 g accuracy and a 3-year warranty.

Scale On Balance TW2-100 Truweigh (100 x...

The Truweigh by On Balance is a pocket-sized precision scale that combines quality with reliability. Features a stainless steel platform and detachable lid/tray.

Scale On Balance Washable Fold-A-Bowl 20...

Revolutionary scale by On Balance can be washed and comes with a foldable bowl.

Smoking king size paper

The "Miquel y Costas & Miquel" rolling paper company was founded in 1879 in Barcelona, Spain. In 1929 they introduced the brand name "Smoking". Their high quality paper became an icon of various gener...

Available in: black deluxe, 50 pieces brown, 50 pieces blue, 50 pieces eco, 50 pieces green, 50 pieces slim gold, 50 pieces red, 50 pieces master silver, 50 pieces

Smoking paper Greengo 1 1/4

Greengo smoking papers gives a truly natural smoking experience. The rolling papers are unbleached and produced from FSC certified pulp.

Smoking paper Greengo king size

Unbleached smoking paper by Greengo not only tastes better, it's also better for the environment.

Available in: slim, 50 pieces regular, 50 pieces

Smoking paper Greengo king size 2 in 1

Environment friendly unbleached 2-in-1 smoking paper from Greengo, for a pure and natural smoke.

Available in: regular, 24 pieces slim, 24 pieces

Smoking paper Greengo rolls

Greengo papers are the first rolling papers to be made from real unbleached paper. Available in slim (44 mm) and wide (53 mm) roll with 4 meters of rolling paper.

Available in: slim, 24 pieces wide, 24 pieces

Soap Nag Champa 75g

A rich lathering natural soap with the fragrance of Nag Champa.


SpaceVac is a new colourful vacuum sealed system that fits everywhere.

Available in: Azul Verde Transparante Negro Transparante Negro

Tightvac clear

These innovative containers are perfect for your stash, herbs and tobacco. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof.

Available in: black, 0.57 l black blue green

Tightvac solid

These modern designed containers are perfect for your stash, herbs and smokeables. Airtight, water resistant and smell proof. It may be your next essential for any party, festival, hiking trip, boat t...

Available in: black, 0.57 l blue green black

Typhon 710 for concentrates (Hydra Vapor...

The Typhon 710 case by Hydra Vapor Tech offers a solution to keep concentrates tidy.

Typhon for cartridges (Hydra Vapor Tech)

A Typhon for cartridges elevates the vaping of e-liquids to a stylish new level.

Vitavac clear

Vitavac is the smallest version of the Tightvac, easily fitting into your pocket or purse. Airtight, smell proof & water resistant.

Available in: black blue green

Vitavac solid

Vitavac is the smallest version of the Tightvac, easily fitting into your pocket or purse. Airtight, smell proof & water resistant.

Available in: black blue green white

Volcano grinder

Plastic Volcano grinder with shark teeth for a fine grind.

Volcano herb mill XL

Herb mill XL for the Volcano vaporizer with a diameter of 55 centimeters and ribbed edge for enhanced grip.

Ziplock bag

Very strong reclosable storage bags made from 50 micron transparent polyethylene. Available in various sizes.

Available in: 100 bags 40 x 60 mm 100 bags 60 x 80 mm 100 bags 80 x 120 mm

Pesos para calibración de balanzas

Todas las balanzas electrónicas necesitan ser calibradas regularmente. Con estos pesos precisos esto es tarea fácil. También pueden ser usados para las viejas balanzas de equilibrio. Siete pesos di...

Available in: 10 g 20 g 1 g 5 g 100 g 200 g 500 g 50 g