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E-Booster (with English label)

E-Booster is a powerful and natural party booster. With its reformulated ingredients, E-Booster belongs to the latest generation of herbal energizers based on geranamine. The effects are comparable to the best energizers in recent years, with the big difference being that E-Booster doesn’t give you a rushed or anxious feeling, merely a glorious explosion of energy and euphoria.*


Stimulating ingredients such as caffeine and geranamine each provide a rush of energy, but combined with unique nutrients a strong synergistic effect takes place. With E-Booster you’ll feel a powerful, long-lasting impulse of pure energy while the euphoric properties of geranamine will put you in an ecstatic mood.


The recommended is 1 or 2 capsules, depending on body weight and sensitivity. Take with ample water or juice on an empty stomach (2 - 2,5 since last meal). It may take up to 45 minutes before the effects become noticeable. Do not exceed maximum dosage of 4 caps per day.


White willow bark, garcinia cambogia, caffeine anhydride, geranamine, chromium piccolinate, green tea, calcium d-pantothenate, zinc gluconate, magnesium stearate

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