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After D

After D is a special formula of vitamins, amino acids and minerals to aid recovery after polydrug use.*


Upon waking up the morning after, take the right combination of 1 capsule and 2 tablets at once with plenty of water.


Capsule L-Tryptophan/B6: L-tryptophan, 00-vegacapsule, filler (cellulose), anti-caking agent (silica), anti-clotting agent (vegetarian magnesium stearate), pyridoxine hcl.

Tablet (brown) Vitamin C + rose hip: ascorbic acid (dc), filler (cellulose), rose hip (rose hip) 20:1, citrus aurantium (60% hesperidin), anti-clotting agent (vegetarian magnesium stearate), anti-caking agent (silica).

Tablet (yellow) Mineral complex: Ingredients: calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, ribo flavine, selenium yeast 2000 ppm, magnesium oxide, zinc citrate, iron fumarate, copper citrate, manganese citrate, chromium picolinate.


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