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Filter jar

Plastic filter jars for the cultivation of mushrooms. Available in the sizes: 280 and 1200 ml.

The filter jars are autoclavable, which means that you can sterilize them (in a pressure cooker).
Sterilize the substrate in the jars with the lid closed for 3/4. Cover the jars with a double layer of aluminium foil.
It is important to close the last 1/4 immediately as soon as you take them out of the pressure cooker.
The lids close hermetically to the jars, so that if you close them for 100%, they may deform during the sterilizing.

280 ml
Diameter: 9,5 cm.
Height: 6.0 cm.

1200 ml (rectangular)
Length x Width: 19 x 13 cm.
Height: 7.5 cm.


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