O.penVAPE Fill It Yourself kit

For the first time in history, consumers have the opportunity to create their own workable oil solution to load into their O.penVAPE portable vaporizer.

O.penVAPE battery

Additional or replacement rechargeable battery including USB charger for your O.penVAPE vaporizer.

Available in: negro blanco

O.penVAPE battery & charger 2.0 variable...

The pen-shaped O.penVAPE vaporizer is designed for vaporizing concentrates on the go.

Available in: oro blanco negro rose gold azul morado plata

O.penVAPE Battery with CBD Cartridge

The original O.penVAPE battery with a tasty CBD cartridge in one handy package.

Available in: Charger & Skunk #1 Charger & Strawberry Diesel Charger & Original Charger & Grape Ape

O.penVAPE cartridge

One empty, refillable 0.5 ml cartridge & mouthpiece for mixing your own essential oils with the O.penVAPE kit.

O.penVAPE CBD Cartridge (300 mg)

O.penVAPE CBD cartridge, contains 0.5 ml of CBD liquid. Compatible with the O.penVAPE Dual Logic and 2.0 battery.

O.penVAPE CBD Cartridge 100mg

O.penVAPE CBD cartridges, contains 100mg of CBD liquid. Compatible with the O.penVAPE Dual Logic and 2.0 battery.

Available in: Original Strawberry Diesel Skunk #1 Grape Ape

O.penVAPE dab attachment

Start dabbing with the O.penVAPE pen vaporizer.

O.penVAPE Mouthpiece BLACK

A replacement mouthpiece for the O.PenVAPE.

O.penVAPE O.juice 30 ml

O.juice is the base liquid for mixing blends of essential oils for the O.penVAPE.

O.penVAPE rapid charger for Battery 2.0

Spare rapid charger for the O.penVAPE 2.0 battery.

O.penVAPE wooden pen case

A beautiful handcrafted slice of wood to keep the O.penVape pen in.

Available in: Walnut haya