AirVape X

The AirVape X is a stealthy, hybrid update from the AirVape Xs. It now features a bigger herb chamber and has more ceramic compartments, and that's only the beginning.

Available in: ocean blue negro

AirVape Xs GO

The AirVape Xs GO is a simple, lightweight portable vaporizer.

AirVape X magnetic lid

A spare magnetic lid for your AirVape X vaporizer.

Available in: ocean blue negro

AirVape X mouthpiece (ceramic)

A replacement ceramic AirVape X mouthpiece.

AirVape X screen (6 pieces)

This pack of six screens will help to keep the AirVape X clean and fresh.

AirVape X Shell

Protective shell for the AirVape X.

AirVape X water tool

Enhance the AirVape X with this modest but intricate bubbler.

AirVape X water tool adapter

Glass adapter for connecting the AirVape X with a bong.

AirVape X wax pad

Easy to use wax pad for the AirVape X.

AirVape Xs charging dock

Nicely designed charging dock for the AirVape Xs.

AirVape Xs GO mouthpiece

Spare magnetic mouthpiece for the AirVape Xs Go vaporizer.

AirVape Xs GO screen set

Set of six screens for the AirVape Xs Go vaporizer.

AirVape Xs magnetic charger

Innovative magnetic charger by AirVape uses a two part plug for easy charging.

AirVape Xs power bank

This convenient power bank with triple USB-plug has the size of a credit card and let's the user charge the AirVape Xs, and a large number of electronic devices, wherever they wish.

AirVape Xs shell

The slip-on shell makes the AirVape Xs water resistant and dirt-proof.